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The amount of time required to remove weeds from your lawn can be enough motivation to take a proactive stance on weed prevention. The use of Pre Emergents on your lawn can be a game changer when it comes to the weed population in your yard. Hometown Turf Lawn Care is here to share some of the benefits you may see when you choose to use pre emergents on your lawn this fall.

When to Put Out & Apply Pre Emergent; Fall & Spring

If you have decided to use pre emergents on your lawn, it isn’t something you can do any time you get around to it. The best time to have pre emergents applied to your lawn is Sept-Nov or Feb-Mar. These application times will work best for cold and hot season weeds respectively. Not all weeds germinate at the same time, you may have to try another application in there somewhere, but typically, you want to stick to these more moderate months.

Pre Emergents Get Rid of Weeds Without Killing Grass

A lot of the time, weeds can re-germinate for many years. It can seem impossible to get rid of this never-ending cycle of weed production. Pre emergents is activated in the top layer of the soil where these weeds sprout, and works to kill them before they become a problem. With the help of Pre emergents, you can break this ongoing cycle of weed production.

Pre Emergent is a Method of Controlling Weeds Where Infestations Lessens with Each Treatment

As you treat these cool weather weeds with PreEmergent, you will notice that the problem subsides. They become less of a problem each time you treat your yard. This can give you some satisfaction that the method you are using is actually working to remove those weeds from your lawn.

Timing is Key When Planning to Apply Pre Emergents

If you are planning to lay down new seed to thicken your lawn, you want to time the pre emergent just right. Pre emergents often don’t allow new grass seed to sprout as well as weeds, which is why it is so important to apply pre emergents at the right time of the year. Pre emergents also don’t work on weed that have already sprouted, so you don’t want to wait too long to apply and miss that window of opportunity.

Leave Soil Undisturbed to Prevent Weeds from Growing

To successfully prevent weeds, you need to make sure the soil is left undisturbed. If there is any cultivating at all that takes place, it breaks that barrier and weeds are able to freely grow. Digging done by any wildlife or other animals can be a problem for weed prevention.

Pre Emergent Herbidide & Other Landscape Services in Locust Grove, Stockbridge & McDonough, Georgia

Making sure the pre emergent is spread evenly is a big part of application. It can seem like a meticulous job and one best left to the lawn care professionals at Hometown Turf Lawn Care. We have been fully trained in lawn care and that includes pre emergent care as well. We know how irritating weeds are in your lawn, and look forward to helping you keep them under control in your yard. Call us today!

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